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Six-month amnesty for corrupt officials when elected president - Ken Agyapong promises


Ken Ohene Agyapong

4 month(s) ago
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Ken Ohene Agyapong, the presidential aspirant of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has promised a six-month amnesty period for corrupt government officials to confidentially return embezzled funds when he assumes the presidency.

Mr Agyapong's announcement came during an interview with Bola Ray on Starr FM, where he outlined his plan to tackle the persistent issue of corruption in Ghana.

Under Agyapong's proposed policy, government officials who have misappropriated public funds will have a limited window of six months to voluntarily return the ill-gotten gains with no questions asked. This amnesty, he stated, aims to encourage corrupt officials to come forward and make amends for their actions, potentially alleviating the burden of corruption on the nation's finances.

However,  Mr Agyapong issued a stern warning to those who choose not to take advantage of this amnesty. He stated, "If you don't return it, and we conduct investigations, and you are found to have embezzled the government's funds, the law will deal with you."

He underscored his commitment to pursuing accountability and justice for corrupt individuals who refuse to cooperate.

Corruption has long been a pervasive issue in Ghana, with successive administrations grappling to curb its prevalence. The proposed amnesty represents a departure from the tradition of leniency often extended to corrupt officials, especially those in influential positions.

The NPP flagbearer aspirant emphasized that he would not yield to pressure from religious leaders, politicians, or traditional authorities seeking clemency for corrupt individuals.

Mr Agyapong argued that effective governance hinges on discipline, which he identifies as the third component of the Patriotism, Honesty, and Discipline (PHD) principles. He believes that by enforcing strict discipline within the government, Ghana can make significant strides in combating corruption and promoting transparency and accountability.

The announcement has stirred both support and controversy in Ghana, with some applauding Agyapong's strong stance on corruption, while others express concerns about the potential misuse of power during investigations.

As the country heads towards the presidential election, Agyapong's proposed policy will likely remain a focal point of public discourse, shaping the nation's approach to combating corruption in the years ahead.

source: Theannouncergh.com