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RE: NDC S/R welcomes Vice President Bawumia to Yagbonwura's Damba - THE TEN QUESTIONS BEGGING FOR ANSWERS


9 months ago
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The Savannah Region is home to, not only her Sons and Daughters, but all and sundry without recourse to race, gender, religious affiliation or status. The unblemished Vice President of the Republic, H.E Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, who is a proud son of Savannah Region in his own right, therefore does not need any welcome address from the reactive Savannah Region NDC. It is worthy to note that, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia actively advocated, worked and mobilized for the creation of the Savannah Region. But for Dr. Bawumia’s work, how will the Savannah Region be created let alone for the (NDC), now claiming to have their Candidate hail from this region and the so called NDC Leaders themselves, associating as Savannah Regional officers. These so called executives were 'errand boys' in the former Northern Region.

The biggest ever accomplishment for Gonjas is the creation of the Savannah Region, and this remains the legacy of NPP, Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr. Bawumia. This achievement is absolutely unmatched.

It's also a grave disappointment that, a son [John Mahama] of the soil could look us in the face without shame,  and tell us he left money aside before leaving office, for our basic problems to be addressed, after eight [8] years of holding executive powers as both Vice President, Interim President and Substantive President. This is highly insulting and a disrespect to Kegbanye and its descendants from their son. It is not only reckless, but shameless and utterly irresponsible for the NDC and JM to keep making those loose statements.
Again, it is quite shameful and pathetic, that as President for 4 and half years, and Vice President for 4 years, all the NDC can boast of in Savannah Region regarding John Mahama’s reign is that, he has secured some phantom monies for projects that they can not account for. The statement that JM secured this, JM secured that, is not only unfounded, baseless and deceptive but shameful as well.

The abysmal performance of John Mahama in the S/R and the other four (4) Northern Regions have been exposed in a jaundiced and uncoordinated so-called 10 questions to the good Vice President, Dr. Bawimia. Isn't it shameful that the NDC, even though they had a son of the soil (Gonjaland) as Vice and Substantive President for eight consecutive  years, could not sort out basic social amenity problems confronting the SR but are now counting on the NPP and Vice President Bamumia to do so?

If not for political gimmick, without moral instincts, what authority does a failed party in a regional creation fiasco have? Was it not this same JM, that emphatically stated that we can’t have a Region? Why is he now desperately looking for an escape route?

How does a document sent to parliament on 20th December, 2016, 13 days after losing elections and 17 days to handing over executive power, seek for parliamentary approval to secure a loan which was never approved, amount to funds been secured? The NDC at the time,  formed majority in Parliament, the Speaker of Parliament, who was the leader of the House, Hon. Doe Adjaho, was a staunch NDC. If not for deceit, ill intentions and face-saving theatrics, why would the Damongo Water Project loan agreement fail when several other agreements got approved? It is on record that JM is the only former President of Ghana who has the capital seat of the Traditional Kingdom he hails from, suffering from water problems. The NDC in the region should give us a break as the Nana Addo/ Bawumia Government is working tirelessly to get the capital seat of Gonja potable drinking water, just as they have done in Kpembe, Salaga, Yapei, etc.

The Construction Firm,  Myturn, who is in charge of the project, went on site 4 days ago to carry out rehabilitation works on the Fulfulso-Damongo-Sawla road. Their equipment/machines can be found in Laribanga.

For the records, no college was established in Bole. A lecturer from Daboya, Dr Musah, spearheaded the establishment of a teacher training  college in Daboya. A whole President couldn't do it for a whole 4 and a half years.

Today, North Gonja is currently home to the construction of a fully fletched District Hospital, the Polyclinic was built in the 70s by Busia, Renovated and upgraded by President Kufour. Currently, President Akufo Addo is providing a District Hospital. The people of North Gonja are not moved by the staged images collaborated by an NDC journalist.

John Mahama has failed to initiate and complete a single project in the S/R except to hoodwink and hijack late Professor Mills' isolated and attempted projects. The Akufo-Addo/Bawumia Government in almost seven (7) years has delivered incomparable projects and programs in the Region.

1. Creation of the Savannah Region,

2. Establishment of Decentralized Departments in Damongo, Bole, Salaga and Daboya,

3. Creation of North East Gonja District Assembly,

4. Upgradement of Damongo and Salaga Districts to Municipal Status,

5. Construction of ultra-modern Regional Co-ordinating Council (RCC),

6. Provision of seven (7) Ambulances to the Region as part of 1D-1A,

7. Construction of state-of-the-art District hospitals in Daboya and Kpalbe as part of agenda 111,

8. Construction of over 400kms of roads in the Region including Yapei-Bunjai, Daboya-Mankarigu roads,

9. Electrification of 100s of rural  communities in the Region,

10. Construction of Buipe and Bamboi hospitals,

11. Construction of township roads in Damongo and Salaga,

12. Construction of Laribanga Islamic SHS and infrastructure projects for existing SHS in DASS and NDESCO,

13. Unprecedented Job allocations and opportunities.e.tc.

Let it be said, forcefully, that the NDC and JM are the major setbacks that has ever been unleashed on Gonjaland. JM did not only abuse  and misuse the privilege to change the course of his kinsmen, but also used, dumped and abandoned them to their fate.

Let the record be established that the achievements of Vice President Bawumia in Savannah Region far-dwarfs that of President Mahama, if he has any at all. And indeed, insha allahu, when Vice President Bawumia, with the massive support of Savannah Region, assumes the Presidency of Ghana, Gonjaland will see more development like never witnessed before.

Let the failed NDC/JM give us a break!

Mohammed Issah
Savannah Regional Secretary, NPP

source: Mohammed Issah - Savannah Regional Secretary, NPP