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Viral VIDEO: Concerned NPP polling station secretary warns against UGLY SABOTAGE, DIVISIONS & CHAOS


5 month(s) ago
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An NPP Polling Station Secretary of Okorase in the Akwapim South Constituency of the Eastern region, popularly known as Prince has spoken against the ugly politics of divisions, backbiting, and dichotomy which has become widespread within the NPP across almost all constituencies.

According to him, the same events that played out in the year 2008, which sent the party to opposition at the time, those events have tripled and taken a different highest dimension of political bravado this time around.

He said those behind these political machinations do not even care or bother about anything should the NPP goes into opposition.

He poured out his frustrations in this trending Viral video.

Watch here:


source: Theannouncergh.com