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GWCL lnchaban cable thief sentenced to 24 months in prison

Local News

9 months ago
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Today, it turned out in court that the Inchaban Treatment Plant's cable thief, Baba Salihu, believed to be 17 years old and therefore a minor whose identity needed to be protected, is not a minor.

He was asked to produce his Ghana card in court to prove his age. Lo and behold, he was 18 years and was subsequently sentenced to 24 months in prison by the Shama Magistrate Court presided over by Ms. Patience Ablorh. He was not given the option to pay a fine for a good reason.

It came to light that he was sentenced to six months in prison with the option of an exemplary two weeks ago. He was said to have broken into a container shop belonging to some "Abokyi people", Nigerians, and stolen footwear meant for sale.

He was, at the time,  released after paying his fine with two others with him, but the last person could not pay the fine and had to be sent to prison to start his 6-month jail term.

We in Ghana Water Limited are quite satisfied with the swift and successful prosecution of this case as it will send a strong signal to his possible accomplices that GWCL is not a company to be taken for granted. The Regional Chief and Communications Manager took a keen interest in the matter by visiting the plant and the police station after hearing about the arrest of the thief. They also followed the case closely till judgment was delivered today.

source: Theannouncergh.com