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Zoomlion evolves to cashless payment solution via *857#: No need to pay money to any collector

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9 months ago
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In a revolutionary move towards enhanced customer convenience and responsible waste management, Zoomlion-Private Services Limited, a pioneer in waste management, has launched a cutting-edge digital payment platform.

This innovative initiative, unveiled just last month, is poised to transform the way waste management transactions are conducted, leading the nation towards a cleaner and more technologically advanced future. With the catchy slogan "Change your borla style," Zoomlion has embarked on a journey to transform the waste management landscape through its novel *857# payment system.

Gone are the days of cash payments and paper receipts and early morning knocks at your gate by revenue collectors. Zoomlion has spearheaded a transformative shift towards a cashless waste management system.

The heart of this digital transformation is the *857# payment platform, a simple yet ingenious solution designed to streamline payments for customers while fostering an environment of responsible waste management practices. The primary goal of this initiative is to leverage technology's power to understand and serve customers better, while simultaneously promoting a greener and cleaner nation.

The launch of the payment platform was accompanied by a vibrant "launch CARAVAN" that traversed through various key areas, including Madina Zongo Junction, Atomic Junction, Legon, Okponglo, and Accra Central. Young individuals clad in Zoomlion's signature white t-shirts animatedly distributed informative flyers about the new digital app.

These enthusiastic ambassadors also took the time to educate Ghanaians on how to seamlessly use the app to pay their waste bills, all while dancing to the rhythm of change.

During the launch event, Mr. Edwin Amoako, the Managing Director of Zoomlion Private Services, unveiled the simplicity and effectiveness of the *857# payment system. A mobile phone is all that's required to initiate payments. By dialing *857#, customers can follow straightforward prompts, including selecting the waste payment option, entering their customer ID, specifying the amount, and pressing send. This user-friendly approach epitomizes Zoomlion's commitment to hussle-free waste management solutions tailored to customers' needs.

In the age of heightened environmental consciousness, Zoomlion's initiative is a testament to the company's dedication to creating efficient waste management solutions that cater to clients' specific requirements.

The suite of digital payment solutions, available through USSD code *857# and the Zoomlion Application on Apple IOS and Google Play Store, aims to provide unmatched convenience and peace of mind to both existing and new clients.
This digital transformation offers a multitude of benefits, ranging from real-time data analytics for tracking payments to multiple payment platforms (smartphone, analog, IOS, or Android), on-demand waste management services, and easy access to Zoomlion for queries and feedback.

In addition, clients who adopt the digital platforms for advance payments will enjoy exclusive discounts and value-added services for a limited period, underscoring Zoomlion's commitment to serving its customers comprehensively.

Mr. Edwin Amoako, the Managing Director, emphasized that the introduction of the digital payment system signifies Zoomlion's dedication to innovation and service excellence. With an unwavering focus on creating a cleaner, better Ghana for present and future generations, Zoomlion aims to continue its partnership with various payment portals to optimize customer service.

The launch of the *857# payment system garnered praise from none other than the Mayor of Accra, Mrs. Elizabeth Sackey. She commended Zoomlion for aligning with the city's digital agenda and stressed the importance of responsible waste management in building a better society. Mrs. Sackey's endorsement underscores the significance of Zoomlion's digital revolution and its potential to transform waste management practices nationwide.

In conclusion, Zoomlion's transition to a "CASHLESS" waste management system through the *857# payment platform is a monumental step towards efficiency, convenience, and environmental responsibility. As the company pioneers the way for technological advancement in waste management, Ghanaians can look forward to a cleaner, greener future, one digital payment at a time. "Change your borla style" with Zoomlion and be part of the movement that is reshaping waste management for the better.

source: Theannouncergh.com