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Leaked tape: 3 Police Council members I consulted rejected claims against IGP - Bugri Naabu


Bugri Naabu

9 months ago
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Former Northern regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party Daniel Bugri Naabu says three members of the Police Council he consulted rejected the allegations made against the IGP by some senior officers who came to him.

“ I called some members of the police council, about three of them, about what they have said about the IGP, and they all said it is not true so I decided to let the President know about it.

“ I was also surprised someone who was going on retirement wanted to be IGP. So I told him that his leadership is by God so he should go and see the chief Imam or Asantehene so they can pray for him,” Bugri Naabu told a parliamentary committee probing the leaked tape in which some police officers were heard plotting the removal of the IGP.

Meanwhile, Mr Bugri Naabu has said he forwarded the recording he had to President Akufo-Addo.  

Responding to questions during Parliament’s seven-member committee investigating the leaked tape Mr. Bugri Naabu shared the tape recording with President Akufo-Addo so he could listen for himself.

“Commander Asare and COP Mensah said currently all the Commissioners at the Police Headquarters are all NDC and we will see whether we will win this election and we lost it. So that alone I was a bit worried,” he narrated.

When asked whether he was not scared by the discussions on the IGP’s relationship with the army, Mr. Naabu said “That was the reason why I did the tape and gave the President the tape. So that he will also hear directly and not from me, which I did,” he added.

source: Theannouncergh.com