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'Shatta Wale May Have A Mental Disorder' - Ola Michael


Shatta Wale

10 months ago
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"Shatta Wale may have a mental disorder", Ola Michael says about the dancehall artiste while discussing some comments made by the artiste regarding his colleague musicians and the music industry in Ghana.

Shatta Wale, days ago, made mockery of Ghana's music following Nigerian musician Asake’s successful debut at the 20000-seater 02 Arena in the United Kingdom.

He tweeted “Nigerians are making Ghana music look like feeding bottle compared to Hennessy bottle. Congrats to Asake meeenn!!!" and replying to public backlash after his tweet, also posted that "you people call me a drug addict, why should I risk my life to fill a place for Ghanaians or the music industry?"

"I am okay, I wanted to buy a house, lands and investments, I am okay, so filling the O2 is not my priority, my priority is to keep a billion dollars in my account, that is where I am at right now. Nobody should disturb me about filling the 02 or my music", he emphasized.

But film producer cum Presenter, Ola Michael shares a different perspective about how Shatta Wale looks at things and it looks like the two are locking horns as they keep punching each other whenever each person makes a statement.

It could be recalled that not too long ago Ola Michael made a remark about Shatta Wale that compelled the latter to compose a diss song using unprintable words to describe him and his parents.

It seems the two may now need a ring as Ola has thrown another blow in the face of Shatta Wale over the musician's comments on the Asake feat.

Ola, speaking on UTV's "United Showbiz" on Saturday in relation to Wale's comments, labeled him as suffering from a mental health condition termed as "Narcissistic Personality Disorder".

Putting it in simple terms to the layman's understanding, Ola stated that Shatta Wale is not mentally alright.

"Let's be very careful with the way we deal with issues. From where I sit and the things I have seen, read, listened about our brother; I'm tempted to believe that he may have an NPD disorder. He may have a mental disorder that you are not paying attention to", he said.

source: Theannouncergh.com