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Believing with Team Wanderlust; how Fidelity Bank’s Platinum Card powered a modern Ghanaian hero to achieve a one-of-a-kind global feat


9 months ago
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On August 6th, 2023, a team of 13 Ghanaian adventurers captured the imagination of the world when they arrived in Ashford, London after embarking on a historic 16-day road trip from Accra, Ghana to London-United Kingdom to raise funds for Education in Ghana’s marginalized areas.

The success of this audacious venture is an exemplar of the Ghanaian can-do spirit and a modern-day showcase of the power of Belief. Among the heroes who accomplished this ground-breaking feat is Mr. Ebenezer Kwadwo Saka Addo-Mensah, CEO of Saka Homes and a Prestige customer of Fidelity Bank; a beloved and respected Ghanaian Brand whose very existence and continued growth hinges on the philosophy of Belief, hence their iconic tagline: Believe with us.  

What the world doesn’t know yet is that while Ebenezer and the rest of Team Wanderlust demonstrated the Fidelity spirit of Belief; by Believing in themselves, and believing that such an outrageous adventure is possible and doable, Ebenezer possessed an additional super-power that paved the way for him to connect and access funds at team Wanderlust’s various stops in various countries and across multiple borders from Africa all the way to Europe; his Fidelity Platinum Card.  All the way from Ghana through Cote D’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco, Spain, France to London-United Kingdom, Ebenezer’s Fidelity Platinum Card came in handy across various ATMs and POS machines.  

As relayed by the indefatigable CEO of Saka homes, ‘I used my Fidelity Platinum Card throughout the journey, and it worked effortlessly, everywhere we went’. We say a big kudos to Mr. Ebenezer Saka Addo and Team Wanderlust once again for exemplifying Ghanaian excellence and literally placing Ghana on the map for all the right reasons!

Y3mamo mmo!  

Keep believing with us.      


source: Fidelity Bank