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Sending soldiers to Niger is WAR! - Kwesi Pratt Rebukes ECOWAS


Niger coup leader

10 months ago
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Seasoned journalist, Kwesi Pratt has kicked against the ECOWAS decision to send a "standby force" to Niger should the military junta refuse to back down and allow the reinstatement of the President of the country.

A military junta seized power in Niger in July this year.

Following the ousting of the President, ECOWAS has threatened to deploy troops to intervene in the Niger coup.

The Government of Ghana is also expected to join the ECOWAS military invasion in Niger.

But to Kwesi Pratt, this intervention will degenerate into war within the sub-region.

"It will be an internal West Africa war", he told host Kwami Sefa Kayi on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" morning.

He supported his arguments with the current happenings within the West African countries where Islamic insurgents are terrorizing the nations.

To him, the military deployment against Niger will embolden the Islamic insurgents, causing major havoc.

"If we fight these soldiers who are fighting against these Islamic insurgents, what would it do to the state of Islamic insurgency in the sub-region? It means we are going to kindle the terrorists."

Mr. Pratt also stated that the United States has their second largest drone base in Niger, hence the ripple effect for West Africa will be huge should ECOWAS attack Niger.

"If you have the second largest drone base in the world there, what are the consequences likely to be?", he asked, stressing "there is no wisdom in this fight".

source: theannouncergh.com