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Vodafone Cash Subscribers to Benefit from New Partnership with Remitly

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10 months ago
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Vodafone Cash has announced a strategic partnership with Remitly Inc., a Seattle-based international money transfer company recognised on the Top 100 Cross-Border Payment Companies list. This collaboration will significantly improve the remittance process for Vodafone Cash subscribers, providing a more convenient, secure, and efficient way for beneficiaries in Ghana to receive funds from abroad directly into their Vodafone Cash wallets.

Ghana ranks as the second-highest receiving country for remittances in Africa, with inflows worth $4.8 billion in 2022. The exponential growth of mobile money platforms like Vodafone Cash has contributed to this boom in remittance flows. By partnering with Remitly, Vodafone Cash aims to increase its share of the remittance business and strengthen its market position, while affording customers convenience and security in receiving money from abroad.

Vodafone Ghana and Vodafone Cash subscribers stand to benefit immensely from this partnership. The Remitly International Money Transfer service allows customers to receive remittances from over 135 countries directly to their Vodafone Cash wallets, bypassing the need for additional steps such as visiting a bank or currency exchange. This streamlined process offers increased convenience, safety, and speed for customers accessing their funds.

“Through our partnership with Remitly, we are further enhancing our Vodafone Cash services and offering a seamless remittance experience to our valued customers,” said Philip Fofie Amoateng, Vodafone Cash Director. “Our goal is to simplify the process and make it safer and more efficient for our subscribers to receive international money transfers. We are privileged to partner with Remitly, with significant support from FBN Bank, to make this happen for our customers.” 

The collaboration between Vodafone Ghana and Remitly is set to reshape the remittance landscape in the country, providing Vodafone Cash subscribers with an accessible and efficient solution for receiving funds from abroad.

source: Theannouncergh.com