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Hackers break into govt website with prostitution, other adverts

Local News

10 months ago
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The official website of the Ga North Municipal Assembly in the Greater Accra Region has been compromised as it appears some hackers have had access to alter some portions of the website.

The alteration has allowed for the hackers to advertise escort services (prostitution).

The Planning Unit section of the website; gnma.gov.gh; has hidden in some part of the content, details about the escort services, linking it to Dubai.

According to a researcher who exclusively shared this information with GhanaWeb, he chanced on this while working on a project about websites of MMDAs in the country.

“Government spent so much on building websites and the developers or hackers have exchanged the information with prostitution adverts for months without anyone knowing,” the researcher said.

What the hacked information says:

After a critical analysis of the Ga North Municipal Assembly website, GhanaWeb noticed that two main sections of the website have been affected by this hack.

They are the Ga North Statistics Department, and, Development Planning Unit of the website gnma.gov.gh.

While GhanaWeb cannot immediately tell what details were under these sections of the website before now, the current details on the Development Planning Unit currently reads:

"Dubai is home to a variety of escort girls. From Brazilian women to Asian beauty queens, you’ll be able to locate a gorgeous woman that will satisfy your fantasies about sexual pleasures.

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Also under the Ga North Statistics Department, the new information there shows that:

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Meanwhile, the researcher who shared the information with GhanaWeb however stated that there were other websites that have also been affected by similar hacks.

source: Theannouncergh.com