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Harrison Afful reveals how he got to exchange jerseys with Inter Miami's Lionel Messi


6 month(s) ago
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It is well-documented that Lionel Messi isn't quick to exchange jerseys with opponents unless specifically requested.

This sheds light on why Ghanaian international Harrison Afful found himself trending on Ghana's Twitter after a moment captured on camera showed him swapping jerseys with the football superstar.

Afful took the field for Charlotte FC in a Leagues Cup match against Messi's Inter Miami, which ended in a 4-0 defeat for his team.

However, the real point of discussion was the intriguing interaction between the seasoned player and the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner after the final whistle.

"I remember before the match started, Messi gave me a wink, and I winked back at him. I think as the game progressed, we somehow got attuned to each other's presence, given that I was playing as a left-back and my responsibility included marking him. At some point during the match, I approached him for his jersey, and he agreed," Afful enthusiastically recounted to GHANASoccernet.com.

"After half-time, just before the second half began, we exchanged more winks, something that players often do. So, after the game, I approached him, and he kept his word."

Afful then added with a smile, "Messi had the option to give his jersey to any player, but I suppose he showed me kindness. I can't predict what he intends to do with my jersey, but it's truly an honor to possess the shirt of one of the most exceptionally talented individuals to have graced the game."

source: Ghanasoccernet.com