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Andy replies lawyer Asante Boateng


10 months ago
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I have seen the video of the supposed endorsement of my good and faithful friend, the Member of Parliament of Asante-Akyem South, Lawyer Asante Boateng, and I’m highly surprised at the claims therein, particularly, the claims relating to Anthony Karbo.

I know my good friend, Lawyer Asante Boateng, made those unfortunate pronouncements out of pressure, pressure mounted on him by “Vita Milk”. Because Karbo is very much fond of Lawyer Boateng, and has always spoken highly of him in several occasions. The latest being when the Vice President, HE Mahamudu Bawumia, visited the Asante Akyem South Constituency. Karbo actually acknowledged and extolled the huge influence of the MP in the constituency, while appreciating the awesome job he’s done among his constituents. It is therefore surprising for my good friend Lawyer Asante Boateng to make these unfortunate claims about him.

The fact, however, remains that, Lawyer Asante Boateng was the first MP of the Asante Akyem enclave to openly endorse Dr. Bawumia during the Vice President’s Campaign tour. He did that under no pressure or duress. Just as it happened in the case of Jacob and Esau in the Bible, Lawyer Asante Boateng has already blessed Dr Bawumia. That is a legitimate and authentic blessing. Any subsequent blessing is empty and of no effect. As it was too late for Esau to receive the blessings from his father, Isaac, it is also very late for any aspirant to receive blessings from Lawyer Asante Boateng because the blessings are already gone.

As I conclude, I would want to emphasise the fact that, Lawyer Asante Boateng is a very good friend of mine, a close confidant that we always keep in touch with and share politically confidential issues. I can vouch for his strong, unflinching support and love for Dr. Bawumia, and I say this on authority because he always expresses this strong support for the Vice President in our constant engagements.
The Vice President, Dr. Bawumia, is equally fond of him and also appreciated the strong support he enjoys from Lawyer Asante Boateng.


source: ANDY OWUSU