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It's MYOPIC and POVERTY-STRICKEN to think Cecilia Dapaah stole her 1 million dollars - Mr. Logic


Mr. Logic

11 months ago
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Mr. Logic has called out Ghanaians labeling Mrs. Cecilia Abena Dapaah a "thief" over her $1 million stolen by her house helps to stop describing her in such term.

According to him, it is "poverty stricken thoughts" by Ghanaians to think it is outrageous for Mrs. Cecilia Dapaah to have such whopping sum of money and to question why she would stash it in her house.

He argued on UTV's "United Showbiz" on Saturday that the Sanitation Minister, who has resigned due to this case of theft involving her domestic workers, may not a firm believer in Ghana's banking system, therefore prefers to store her money in her home.

He also defended her saying "if someone decides to save his or her money in the house, whether it is money for project or family money, you don't know; then all of sudden, everyone says the woman is thief...I have seen that the poor mentality of Ghanaians is more; people want to be poorer than to live good life".

To Mr. Logic, it is "myopic" for any person to be overwhelmed by the former Minister possessing 1 million dollars.

"If you work hard, you will make money", he stressed and warned the populace to refrain from the name-calling.

"The woman is not a thief. It's her money that has been stolen and she wants to be honest with the system, so she says, okay, I am a public official; I've stepped down. If I stole the money, take me to the law court. It's honorable to do that", he asserted.

source: theannouncergh.com