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If our politicians don't have a million dollars, then Ghana is really very POOR - George Quaye 'supports' Cecilia Dapaah


George Quaye

11 months ago
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Actor cum broadcaster, George Quaye has jumped to the defence of former Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources, Cecilia Dapaah over her reported stash of 1 million dollars in her house which got stolen by her house helps.

Cecilia Dapaah caused the arrest and prosecution of her house helps after realizing they have allegedly stolen $1 million, 300000 Euros and undisclosed millions of cedis in cash which were kept in her house.

The Minister has resigned following a public bashing after the story broke out as people questioned the source of her wealth and why she would keep such huge amounts of money in her residence.

"I am resigning therefore because I do not want this matter to become a preoccupation of government and a hindrance to the work of government at such a crucial time", the Minister said in a letter forwarded to the President.

Tackling this case of theft during UTV Saturday's entertainment show "United Showbiz", George Quaye stated it is not surprising and shocking as it looks for a Minister to have a million dollars in his or her possession.

To him, "if our politicians do not have a million dollars, then this country is really very poor".

He argued that due to pressure from people and their high demands for financial support from politicians, the leaders are compelled to do other businesses.

"I'm only looking at it from the frank and honest point of view because a lot of Ghanaians don't like the truth. There is no politician in this country who has no any other businesses on the side because we know the kind of pressure that even we, as a people, put on them. Even I who isn't a politician, when McDan announced that he's given me 2 million, do you know the number of people who thronged the gate of my house? So, imagine the politician...We are part of the problem", he said.

He however pointed out that "it is not a good look for a public officer to be having that kind of money in your house. [1] It shows that you, yourself, you don't have confidence in our banking system. [2] Everybody asking where she got the money from is a legitimate question. Everybody has the right to ask because you work for us" but asked "so, if our politicians do not have other businesses, how are they going to survive?"


source: theannouncergh.com