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Refusal to return US$20,000 to event organizers led to Black Sherif’s airport arrest


Black Sherif

11 months ago
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As news of the purported arrest of Black Sherif sparks conversation around the artiste, who had just returned to Ghana after his international tour, GhanaWeb gathers that there is a twisted narrative aimed at injuring the image of the ‘Konongo Zongo’ hitmaker.

Black Sherif was reported to have been arrested at the Kotoka International Airport on the evening of Wednesday, July 19, 2023.

According to a Kofi TV report, he was moved from the airport to the Police Headquarters in Accra over a contractual breach involving a July 4 show that he failed to honour in Greece.

“We called our sources and it appears it is due to a contractual issue he has to play on a cruise ship in Greece having charged US$40,000 and receiving half of the amount. He was due to receive the balance after playing the show,” Kofi Adom stated.

Due to Blacko’s supposed failure to attend the show, the company in charge of the Greece show lodged a complaint with the Ghana Police Service, alleging a breach of the agreement.

However, sources tell GhanaWeb that the narrative is skewed toward damaging Blacko’s reputation. According to the information gathered, the businessman at the centre of the controversy never dealt with Black Sherif directly, but rather the agent of the musician.

GhanaWeb is informed that the businessman sought to arrange a cruise ship performance featuring Black Sherif on August 19. This was welcomed by Blacko’s agent, a renowned global company that represents different brands.

The agreement between the agent and the businessman was reached with a booking fee of US$40,000 expected to be paid for the performance. The businessman, according to sources, made an initial deposit of US$20,000 to Blacko’s agent.

Although the deliverables did not include promotional videos, the businessman, according to the sources, later made demands for such, a move the artiste and his agent turned down on the basis that it was not stipulated in the contract.

The incessant request, which transmogrified into threats, led to a decision by the musician and his agent to refund the US$20,000 initial deposit, “but the man rejected the refund,” GhanaWeb was informed.

The businessman is reported to have requested US$50,000 instead of the initial US$20,000 he paid to Blacko’s agent and the refusal to heed this demand led to his decision to report the case to the police, claiming contract breach and fraud.

Sources also say Blacko was not arrested but was led to the police station.


source: Ghanaweb.com