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Blame Ghana’s economy for DSTV, GoTV expensive subscription - Multichoice tells Ghanaians


11 months ago
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Multichoice says the increase in DSTV and GoTV subscription prices should be blamed on Ghana’s inflation figures.

This comes on the back of complaints from DSTV and GOTV users concerning the constant increase in subscription prices in recent times.

MultiChoice has announced that DSTV price change effective August 1 2023 are Access- 10 cedis (60 to 70), family- 20 cedis (110 to 130), Compact- 35 cedis (220 to 255), Compact plus-55 cedis (325 to 380). Premium- 85 cedis (515 to 600).

However, there no price change with Padi subscription.

Speaking on Morning Starr with Francis Abban Tuesday, the Corporate Affairs Manager for Multichoice Ghana, Nii Armah Dagadu indicated that the prices were increased so that Ghanaians can enjoy the best soccer leagues among others.

“One of the big differentiators is the cost of operation in your country, the incident of inflation, the stability of your local currency. Those are some of the big differentiators for us. If some of these indicators change we should see some level of parity between Ghana and Nigeria.

“The inflation here versus Nigeria is quite a big one as well. The stability of our currency is quite an issue but remember that this particular increase is heavily driven by the cost of inflation,” Mr. Dagadu stated.

He added that unfortunately the incident of taxes on subscription between Ghana and Nigeria gap is quite huge.  

“At this point if we are to touch the price by dropping it. What happens is we are taking the shocks and it is only a matter of time that you might not be able to enjoy the quality entertainment that comes on DSTV and GoTV. We have seen this with other players who have had to market and tried some of the things that didn’t work ten, twenty years ago that didn’t work in this market.

“I don’t just want to mention the name of some of these players, in recent times how many players have come into Ghana and collapsed not just Ghana but across the Africa continent. We have sustained this for thirty years because we have consistently had a sustainable price in the system. That is why you continue to enjoy all the fourteen leagues, the great movies, local and international series.”


source: Starrfmonline