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We are not FOOLS! - Ola Michael replies Adjetey Anang for saying his cheating on his wife didn't involve sex


Ola Michael, Film Producer and a broadaster

11 months ago
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Film Producer cum broadcaster, Ola Michael has taken with a pinch of salt actor Adjetey Anang's alibi to his defence that he's never had sexual intercourse with any woman apart from his wife although admitting in his memoir titled “Adjetey Annan: A Story of Faith, Imperfection, and Resilience” that he has cheated on his wife.

In the book authored by Adjetey Anang, who is most admired and thought to be innocent in character, shocked his fans and a lot of people when he opened up on his life experiences and shared the bit where he cheated on his wife in various forms.

He wrote “I have been in very compromising situations with ladies” and revealed that “yes, I have cheated on my wife before in the various forms that cheating could be defined as, both emotionally and physically”.

The actor went ahead to apologize to his wife and the other women he has been involved with, telling them he is “deeply sorry” and that he is “committed to rebuilding” his marriage.

Following the launch of the book, Anang appeared in a Television interview and a question popped up on the bit about him cheating on his wife but the actor swiftly explained it had nothing to do with sex, rather the cheating he referred to was about his lust of the eyes and he hugging a woman.

But Ola Michael isn't buying Adjetey Anang's elucidation on the subject matter.

Joining Saturday's panel on UTV's "United Showbiz" with MzGee, he asked the actor to stop playing with the minds of Ghanaians, saying "we are not fools".

Ola wondered how the actor expects any person to believe that hugging a woman could pass for physical cheating as he claimed in his book and that he never for once indulged in sex outside his marriage.

"There are two forms of it, either emotional or physical. The physical most likely involves some sort of intimacy which could lead to the last part of being sex. So, if you write in your book that you have cheated on your wife both emotionally and physically and you say it didn't involve sex, what do you really want to tell us?", he hollered.


source: theannouncergh.com