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NPP is 'fooling' Ashanti youth


1 years ago
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A viral video circulating on social media according to Ghanaweb has sparked conversation among social media users.

The one-minute video captures a lady who claims to be a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) making comments about the party.

In the video, the lady warns the youth of the Ashanti region and NPP supporters to be wary because the party is playing them for fools.

Her remarks were in response to reports of the NPP's extravagant spending during the Assin North by-election, which took place on Tuesday, June 27, 2028.

According to the lady who spoke in Twi, the NPP spent a lot of money in Assin North; which they lost, but they shared common items such as gari, rice and Ghc 2.00 during the Kumawu by-election, which is their stronghold.

“What I am saying is a fact. For the youth in the Ashanti region particularly where the by-election happened, you have to put your hands on your head and start to cry. NPP does not respect you. The party is taking you for a fool, the youth in Kumasi and its environs, you should be weeping. Look at Assin North and the amount of money they spent. Did you see them share gari or cups of rice or Ghc 2.00?

“Even an old lady in the constituency got Ghc 200.00 and Ghc 300.00 but you sat there for the NPP to lure you with caps of gari and rice to vote for them,” she said.

The NPP lady also stated that the youth in the region should seek development from the party rather than voting for the NPP simply because it is their stronghold.

“The NPP does not respect you at all, and you also take cues from that and punish them as such.

“If someone does not respect you, you also should not respect them. It's high time you stop the culture of ‘if a goat contests in the name of the NPP we will vote for it’. Don’t you also want development?” she asked.

NPP member who is cautioning Ashanti Region youth
The lady in the viral video 

source: Theannouncergh.com