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Let's not waste our time on Gyakye Quayson - Assin Youth


1 years ago
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Every constituent votes for people with hopes of development and social growth. But, this has been the contrary since the Assin North considered Mr. Quayson.

For all these while we voted for him with the hope that he would work to lobby for our roads to be fixed and bring about the societal change we envisaged but, during his time as MP, what did we see? We only saw him running to one court or the other instead of working on his mandate.

His time as MP was a waste of time and it is unfortunate this happened to the good people of Assin. During his time as MP, we witnessed no developments, no growth and our communities live in hopeless situations.

We can’t keep making this mistakes for us to continuously live in this state of no hope by voting for him.

Instead of him apologizing to the constituent for deceiving us on his nationality status and wasting our time, he’s has no shame but to contest again for the Assin North seat! We find this unfortunate and disrespectful to the good people of Assin North

We understand another court case has been filed against him and certainly we foresee nothing changing. We see him running from one court to the other instead of lobbying for development of our constituency.

We thereby want to state that, the good people of Assin North can’t make such mistake again and for the last few years to 2024 where every constituent would be having developmental projects, but, ours would be the opposite.

Looking the development the current government is giving the Assin North, we believe it will be clever and in the right place to side with the NPP now.

Let’s give them also a chance, because the NDC and Mr. Quayson would have nothing to offer than same hopelessness and wasting our time.

To the NPP, we want you to know that, the youth of Assin has decided to vote for your candidate and we hope to see more development. We state on record that if we do not see much development, we would have no option than to try another candidate ( definitely not Mr. Quayson) in the 2024 election.

Long live Assin North!!


Samuel Ato Krampah

Concerned Youth of Assin North

source: Samuel Ato Krampah