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Vodafone director highlights role of HR in tech transformation at CTO forum


1 years ago
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- Hannah Ashiokai Akrong, the Human Resources Director at Vodafone Ghana, recently shared her insights on the role of HR in digital transformation at the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation’s (CTO) HR & ICT Forum 2023.

Ashiokai, a recognised leader in the HR field, presented Vodafone Ghana’s journey from a traditional telecommunications company to a technology-focused organisation. She underscored the company’s transformation pillars which include: a unique customer experience, a digital and personalised employee experience, and a commitment to fostering a digital society that includes everyone.

Vodafone Ghana’s transformation, she explained, was not without challenges. The coexistence of new and old ways of working, and interim digital skills gap, were among the hurdles faced. However, through constant communication of the vision and strategy, engagement, and training, adapting to new ways of working, a focused reskilling and upskilling program, the company was able to push the transformation agenda through.

The HR Director also emphasised Vodafone Ghana’s dedication to building a digital society and ensuring inclusivity. She pointed to initiatives such as the #CodeLikeAGirl programme which imparts coding skills and work experience to girls from underprivileged backgrounds and other such interventions aimed at bringing Vodafone Ghana’s communities along on its transformative journey.

Ashiokai’s insights at the forum were met with widespread acclaim from attendees and fellow speakers. Her presentation not only offered a unique perspective on the pivotal role of HR in digital transformation but also underscored Vodafone Ghana’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

The CTO HR & ICT Forum 2023, themed “Digital Transformation: Building a future-ready HR,” convened professionals from over 30 member countries and thought leaders to discuss various facets of business digital transformations. The aim was to deepen understanding of the subject matter, effect change in work processes, and revolutionise the way HR manages its daily activities. The forum served as a platform for HR leaders from various organisations to share their respective digital transformation programmes, with leading HR experts critically evaluating these presentations and sharing best-practice insights.

source: Theannouncergh.com