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Bryan Acheampong repeats ‘NPP will never hand over power’ statement in Kumawu


Bryan Acheampong

1 years ago
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The Minister for Food and Agriculture, Bryan Acheampong, was heavily criticised, in April 2023, for his “NPP will not hand over power to the NDC” statement at a New Patriotic Party (NPP) event at Mpreaso-Kwahu in the Eastern Region on Saturday, April 8, 2023.


It appears the criticisms and the calls for his arrest have not given Bryan Acheampong a change of heart, and he still stands by his words.


The minister for food and agriculture, who is also the Abetifi MP, has repeated the same comments he made at a rally in Kumawu over the weekend.


Acheampong indicated that he said the NPP would not be handing over power because they will turn the economy around, and the things that will lead to the economy rebounding are already taking shape.


“Not long ago, I said that the NDC thought they would win power because Ghana’s economy, which was robust due to the hard work of this government, started facing some challenges due to some global happenings.


“I said by June, the IMF deal will be done. It is not even June, but we have completed the IMF deal. I said the prices of food were going to come down; I said the price of the dollar was going to come done.


“And that if all of these things happen, the NDC will not win the elections… we are not going to hand over, we are not going to hand over, we will not hand over power,” he chanted in Twi.


On the upcoming parliamentary bye-elections for the Kumawu Constituency, Bryan Acheampong said that Kumawu is an NPP seat and can never be won by the National Democratic Congress (NDC).


“Will not hand over the Kumawu seat to the NDC, either today or tomorrow,” he added.


What Bryan Acheampong said in April 2023: 


Bryan Acheampong, after a walk dubbed “Walk to Build A Better Ghana” with a multitude of New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters at Mpreaso-Kwahu in the Eastern Region on Saturday, April 8, 2023, stated that the ruling NPP will never hand over power to the opposition NDC in 2025. 


He cautioned that the NPP would show the NDC that they have the “men” should they try to use threats and violence in the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections. 


“The NDC party will collapse. If the NDC dares to use threats, violence, and foolishness in the 2024 election, we will let them know we have the men. We will show them that we have the men. 


“We have the men. It will never happen that we, the NPP, will stand on a platform to hand over power to the NDC. It will never happen! We will make sure NPP remain in government at all cost,” Acheampong, who is also the MP for Abetifi, said.

source: Ghanaweb.com