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We rushed into a relationship, children came in too early - Funny Face's baby mama recounts


Vanessa Nicole

1 years ago
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Love has been described as a 'lifetime thing' by Vanessa Nicole, the former lover of comedian, Funny Face who has admitted to rushing into a relationship with the popular actor.


The two lovebirds who share three children together experienced a messy breakup that made headlines and topped social media conversations. They finally announced that they had gone their separate ways in 2020.


Funny Face and Vanessa's paths crossed in September and in the next month, she discovered that she was pregnant. Things moved too quickly denying them an opportunity to have time for themselves.


"We all made mistakes. We are to be partly blamed, I wasn't patient, so was he. We didn't take time to study and know each other better. We met in September and I was pregnant in October, we are both at fault. Aside from everything, I just wish for the best," she disclosed in an interview with Kwaku Manu.


On the account of Vanessa, her former lover has not set his eyes on their children for over a year. She was quick to add that she is not holding them back. She assured that when if a request is made, she will love for her children to spend time with their father.


"It's been over a year since Funny Face saw his kids. The last time was when we came to see him in Accra. I am never selfish, if you know me, you can testify. I will love to hear him say, bring over the kids during vacation. I will let them go if he makes that request, I don't have a problem. We don't have bad blood, this is not to say that I want us back. All I want is for us to be co-parents. It is not my decision to make, it is not a woman who marries a man. If Nana Yaw wants me...He didn't like my piercing and so I took out all the earrings," she added.


Vanessa who took a break from acting to care for her children announced that she is back into the business. She opened up about how the public continues to associate Funny Face with her, which she said does not upset her.


"To date, people see me a call Funny Face's name. I am not bothered and of course, we share children.


"It is normal, I can't say I am stonehearted but I wouldn't let you take me for a ride. I will stand up for myself. I can be a fool for the person I love but I won't let you overdo it," she hammered.


The young mother of four daughters also shared how pain pushed her to have multiple tattoos. With close to 20 tattoos, she mentioned that each one of them has a story behind it.


"I have multiple tattoos and piercings, I just love it...do what pleases you and not humans...when my children come of age and want to have piercings or tattoos I will not fight it."

source: Ghanaweb.com