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Kumawu by-election: NPP says they are not sharing gari, rice, cloth for vote buying


Henry Nana Boakye alias Nana B

1 years ago
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The National Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Henry Nana Boakye alias Nana B, has refuted allegations that the NPP has sanctioned individuals in the viral videos distributing items such as rice, cloth, and other goods to influence voters in the upcoming Kumawu by-election. 


According to him, the said videos are propaganda orchestrated by the opposition party.


Speaking in an interview with Okay FM on May 19, 2023, Nana B expressed disbelief at the videos, highlighting that they depicted isolated instances of individuals distributing small quantities of rice and presenting a cloth to a single person.


He explained that the NPP had no involvement in such activities and stated that the party's approach to distributing items like rice would entail a more organized and inclusive method.


“I have seen a video circulating whereby someone is having a rubber bag with rice and videoing himself sharing it with someone ... are youserious? Look, the New Patriotic Party, we don’t have anything in connection to that. 


“For someone to go somewhere and share rice, if we are serious about sharing rice maybe the rice might be somewhere that there will be a lot of people and the rice will be given to them, for that, you can say we are sharing rice but for this video whereby someone has just opened his car front with polythene bag with some rice and giving it to a single person…this kind of political orchestration from the political opponent we have grown past that stage. 


“Another one also, two people videoing themselves and presenting a cloth to one old lady then…they capture it and circulate, come on, we have gone past this, it is mere propaganda because we are serious here,” he said. 


The viral videos in question show some individuals offering rice, cloth, and other items to voters in Kumawu, with the intention of influencing their voting choices in the upcoming polls.

source: Ghanaweb.com