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Going to IMF depicts NPP lacks the men - Benjamin Kofi Quashie


Benjamin Kofi Quashie

1 years ago
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The South African Council of Elders Chairman of the National Democratic Congress and the Group Chairman of Allied Consortiums, Mr. Benjamin Kofi Quashie has berated those who are praising the government for securing an IMF bailout.

He describes Ghana's economic situation as being in a mess and as a "sinking ship".

"The truth of the matter is that the IMF bailout is going to make Ghanaians suffer when it comes to the economy. This, they're not telling the people", he noted.

Speaking to Agyenkwa Media via Zoom and sharing his views on the IMF bailout, he averred, "It was shameful seeing bondholders picketing with their grandchildren, but this government doesn't care", he argued.

It was his contention that, this government cannot be praised for securing us an IMF loan because they were the same people who taunted the John Dramani Mahama government for going to the IMF, "so what has changed?", he quizzed.

The SA NDC Council Chair added that, on the Twitter account of Ekow Essuman (one of the legal brains at the office of the current president)... at point in 2016, he indicated that 'it was only a lazy government that runs to IMF because of your disregard for rules and regulations regarding the financial sector' ", he revealed.

He continues that today the same individual has posted that we should be praising Nana Addo and  Ken Ofori-Atta for securing an IMF bailout for the country. "For me it's laughable. If it's them..., I wonder whether they have a conscience. I wonder whether they sleep and wake up believing that we're deaf or dumb", he stated.

Regarding the bailout, he indicated that the country needs the money because "we are in a self-inflicted economic quagmire. Happy they've gotten the bailout, happy the economy is going to take shape, happy that finally what the minority advised that you needed to go for an IMF programme that would regulate your microeconomic expenditure... We're here now", he underscored.

He, however, expressed his disbelief whether the NPP government was going to use the money for the right things with the inflows from the IMF. "But, whatever they do, it's a sinking ship. John Dramani Mahama is the only hope to rescuing us from this sinking ship", He claimed.

source: DC Kwame Kwakye