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This is one of the most difficult goodwill messages to give – Gifty Anti’s husband


1 years ago
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Many wondered what his speech at his wife’s book launch will entail, especially at a time when rumours of their supposed failed marriage had flooded various social media platforms.


When Gifty Anti’s husband, Nana Ansah Kwao IV, mounted the stage to introduce his wife, everyone listened with rapt attention.


Some happenings at the event were somewhat a confirmation that they are growing stronger as a couple.


In his introductory speech, Gifty Anti’s husband said he had read about six goodwill messages at previous episodes of his wife’s book launch, but for a reason, this particular one seems like the most difficult.


Stating his reasons for describing the gesture as the ‘most difficult’, Nana Ansah Kwao IV said, the book’s title 'When Strong Women Cry' speaks volumes and reflects a lot of things. 


“It’s been one of the most difficult goodwill messages I’d have to give because of who I am married to. Every now and then I have to give a goodwill message because something comes up. This is the sixth book so this is the sixth goodwill message. 


“This has been a tough one probably because of the title, ‘When Strong Women Cry’. When I read the title, I asked if this is going to be her last one and how she was going to surpass this. But I know it is the grace of God that gives you the wisdom to write this book and since the grace of God is not finished, I am sure he is going to be there to give you more wisdom to write bigger books,” he stated.


He, however, showered accolades on his wife while assuring her of his continuous support.


“As your husband, I can assure you that I will give you all the support, and encouragement you need to move further. I don’t want this to be a last goodwill message so keep on keeping on so we all share in the glory. 25 years in the media and still relevant. 


“Two decades and a half and is still significant. It's not an easy task because the world is moving so fast. I say well done to you. A woman who has won so many awards. A woman who has held the longest talk show on TV and is still relevant,” he expressed.


Earlier in an interview with Joy Prime, Gifty Anti shared some interesting highlights of her new book amidst the trolls and rumours pertaining to her supposed failed marriage.


“In my book, there is a story of a woman who is saving the world but meanwhile there is pain. This woman became diagnosed with depression because she was out there saving people,” she stated.


Prior to that, she had taken to social media to dispel the said claims, adding that she and her husband will address them at the appropriate time.

source: Ghanaweb.com