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Salinko's ex-wife shares cryptic messages on social media after divorce announcement


1 years ago
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Salinko's ex-wife has taken to social media to share some cryptic messages following their divorce announcement. 


In a series of pictures she shared on her Instagram account, she seems to be celebrating her newfound independence and freedom. 


In one of the posts, she wrote, "I found myself," suggesting that she is moving on and finding herself after the end of her marriage.


The other posts seemed to throw shade at her ex-husband, with one caption saying "My back case" while showing her back, and another post showing her hands without any ring on her finger, indicating that their marriage is over.


It is not clear what led to the breakdown of their marriage, and Salinko has denied any allegations of abuse. 


However, the divorce had a significant impact on his mental health, and he struggled to cope with the pain. 


Despite the difficulties, he has found solace in listening to motivational messages, which have helped him overcome the challenges he faced.




source: Ghanaweb.com