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The Hair Senta to launch into the U.S market


1 years ago
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The Hair Senta, Ghanas leading 100 percent human hair extensions company and beauty brand is taking steps to launch into the United States market. The move comes following established strategic alliances with beauty industry professionals and clients across the U.S. market over the years. 


Kickstarting this move have been multiple collaborations with international beauty companies and clients who have worked with the brand for almost a decade. 


The recent campaign embarked on by the Hair Senta was in April 2023 where the brand networked and raised the brand’s awareness at Americas Beauty Show which took off in Chicago, Rosemont inside the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. 


With the business’s humble beginnings in a car trunk in 2008 and officially launched as a brand store in 2012, the Hair Senta has metamorphosed into a household name for 100 percent human hair extensions in its originating country, Ghana, and quite well known within the Hair and Beauty industry on the continent. 


With clients across the globe, the company already has some footprints in the US where they have been shipping to clients in New York, Atlanta, Maryland, Virginia, California, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston among a few other states for nearly a decade.


During the recent trip to America's Beauty Show, Gwen Addo, CEO of The Hair Senta together with her business partner Gyo Gyimah, CEO of Phamous Media Group and Co-Founder of HIBS Africa – indicated that the company was not only planning its launch into the US market but was also attending the show as they did with most of the other beauty shows within the US to strategically network and build relationships with potential partners for the 2023 Hair Senta international beauty show (HIBS Africa) in September 2-3, 2023 in Accra, Ghana.


Americas Beauty Show has been one of the biggest and the most sold-out beauty shows in the US for the past 100 years. So it was a good decision to experience this year’s edition which marks 100 years. The trip was not only about scouting for new opportunities but also aimed to build partnerships with international players within the beauty industry,” said Gwen Addo.


The company also got acquainted with the latest global beauty trends and game changers during this event and have developed great alliances for future collaborations between the US beauty companies and the continent.


One of the most memorable experiences of the trip was the opportunity to tour the facility (factory) of Repechage, a spa-focused beauty brand who have been in business for over 40 years since 1980. 

The Hair Senta plans to launch the Repechage brand at the 2023 HIBS Africa event in Ghana as they recognize Ghana as a great market opportunity for the Repechage brand and a re-introduction of their lines through a distribution channel with the Beauty Senta, an affiliate to the Hair Senta in a few months from now.   


Gwen Addo emphasized the importance of brand visibility and the formation of strategic alliances with beauty companies to expose the brand to a wider audience thus their recent marketing campaigns happening through US beauty shows and on billboards at the Times Square in New York, Manhattan. 


The Hair Senta sees great potential in the future of the hair and beauty industry in Ghana, particularly in the production of new hair products, construction of facilities, factories, and collaboration with existing and emerging hair and beauty giants to provide a solution-oriented approach toward the innovation of new products onto the market.  


The company strongly believes that there is plenty of room for both existing and new entrants in the marketplace to become globally competitive and intends to leverage the insights and knowledge gained from both local and international partnerships over the years to inform its expansion plans and strategy going forward. 


Gwen also encouraged businesses within the beauty industry space to continue to pursue world-class excellence in their approach and to be open to connecting with other players across the globe to develop stronger ties for future growth and the development of the Hair and Beauty industry within and outside of Africa.  


source: Theannouncergh.com