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Dennis Miracles Aboagye writes: Sammy Gyamfi lied on govt job creation record


Dennis Miracles Aboagye

1 years ago
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And  Sammy Gyamfi Lies again and again and again and keeps leading his followers on an emotional roller coaster.

But it’s all good, let’s allow it, let’s continue to debate and stick to the issues. It will help our political discourse and create a more informed citizenry.

I have seen a feeble attempt by the National Communications officer of the NDC to question the Job creation data published by our Vice President H.E Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia backed by verifiable data

I am only addressing this because of the arrogant manner in which the National communications officer of the NDC is peddling this ignorance and his constant insult at the Vice President and calling the Vice President a liar.

First of all, the Vice President used the phrase “Job Creation” and not controller and accountant General’s department employment.

What Sammy Gyamfi hasn’t realized inspite of all the education I tried to give him yesterday on Asempa 94.7 FM is that the Budget document Page 230, Appendix 7 which he refers to, covers only public sector Employees who are paid directly from the Consolidated fund and controller & Accountant General and whose compensation has a direct bearing on the account balancing of the finance minister.

There are two categories of Public sector Employees:

CATEGORY 1: Those employed by the government and paid directly from the consolidated fund. E.g. Teachers, Civil Servants, Nurses, Doctors, Local Government service staff, security services etc.

CATEGORY 2: Those employed by subvented Public agencies and Public Enterprises who are paid by the institutions themselves and not through central government (controller). Examples; GNPC, NPA, NLA, Ghana Gas, Cocobod, PBC, Ghana Water, ECG, VRA, Ghapoha etc.

Now the finance minister in his budget reading, as captured under Appendix 7, Page 230 of the 2023 budget, provides budget ceilings for the category 1 employees, whose compensation affects the finance minister’s Wage Bill.

All the other Public sector institutions whose wages are not paid directly by the finance minister are not captured on that table. Of course, the finance minister doesn’t budget for the salaries of staff recruited by Mr. Sammy Awuku at NLA or Dr. Mustapha Hamid of NPA or Mr. Aidoo of Cocobod, so you don’t expect the finance minister to capture their staff strength in his budget in an appendix labelled OLGS & RCCs budget ceilings.

There’s nowhere in the 2023 budget or any of the budgets since 2017 for that matter that has a table of all public sector employees in Ghana. The Appendix 7 Table in the budget indeed, only captures one category of public sector employees which is the category 1 public sector employees who are paid directly by the CAGD.

A quick point of proof is the fact that if you look at the same 2023 budget statement, Page 114 Paragraph 548, labelled JOB CREATION IN COCOA, which the finance minister reported jobs of about 147,000 created through the implementation of the various Cocoa sector revitalization programmes. Example, The unemployed youth recruited to handle cocoa Hand Pollination, cocoa Mass Spraying etc.

Sammy GYAMFI should show us, on the Appendix 7 Table, where these 147,000 Cocobod jobs have been reported. Of course, they are not reported there Becos, that table is meant for only recruitment of staff being paid directly by the finance minister through the controller and these Cocobod employees do not fall under that category. So you will find the Agric extension officers on the Appendix 7 table but not find the cocoa Mass Spraying employees there. The Agric extension officers are paid by the controller, the cocoa mass spraying employees are paid by Cocobod.

Category 2 employment is not and cannot be captured on Appendix 7 Table. It will be an anomaly.

That notwithstanding, each of these category 2 Public sector institutions has mother ministries and that is why on the Vice Presidents Datasheet, you will realise they are captured under the mother ministry but has other Colours listing the specific agencies covering these numbers.

Reference the Vice President Datasheet, and take a look at No. 6, Ministry of Transport, you would realize, 3rd column under Agency, Ghana Maritime Authority, Ghana Shippers Authority, DVLA, Metro Mass Transport and several other Public entities are captured there under Ministry of Transport before the figures year on year are shown.

Appendix 7 of the 2023 Budget referred to by Sammy Gyamfi doesn’t capture all these agencies published by Veep and rightly so because their staff wages are not paid by the Finance Minister and do not feature in the finance minister's wage bill budgeting.

I have said and I keep saying, that, Sammy Gyamfi’s constant attempt to peddle falsehood and untruth which he does mostly through insults and attacks on the Vice President must be checked. And must be checked through only one way, the Facts!

This report by the Vice President is the easiest verifiable report ever if the NDC were a serious political party. Instead of rushing to come to write insults at Vice President, visit SSNIT and reconcile the enrollment figures with the figures reported, visit the Institutions and verify the figures reported and then you can take your time to trace and identify the gaps but alas, the usual NDC, incompetent in Government and incompetent in opposition and is only counting on the isolated challenges of the government as an automatic return to government.

The Next time the NDC decides to contend on data and issue-based debate with the Vice President, they should be sure to first read wide before any attempt.

When you hear Sammy Gyamfi speak, get your books, data and reports,  and read for yourself, otherwise, he will lead you into a ditch.

He’s a very smart young man but he is very deliberate about ignoring the truth, resisting the facts, and embellishing it with insults to achieve political advantage by sparking the emotions and sentiments of his readers and listeners. If you put 100 of the issues he raises to the test, he won’t have even 10% passing the fact check.

Let’s eschew insults, let’s just be brutal and confrontational about the debate but only through the use of facts and nothing else.


source: Dennis Miracles Aboagye