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Vodafone ghana foundation’s kindred project delivers clean water to Gavikope

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1 years ago
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Access to clean water is vital for maintaining good health, but in many Ghanaian communities, it remains a luxury. Gavikope and its neighbouring areas in the Akatsi North District of the Volta Region have long struggled with a lack of potable water, forcing residents to travel several miles to collect water from a contaminated pond.

This issue is intensified during the dry season when the pond dries up, and in the rainy season, the pond becomes increasingly polluted and murky, putting the local population at risk of water-borne diseases.

However, the situation has improved thanks to the Vodafone Ghana Foundation Kindred Initiative, a staff volunteer programme focused on addressing community challenges.

Through the efforts of Bright Aheto, Kindred Volunteer and Vodafone Ghana’s Zonal Sales Manager for the Volta Region, the Vodafone Ghana Foundation launched a project to supply clean water to Gavikope and its nearby communities.

The project, known as the Gavikope Borehole Project, entailed the installation of a basic manually operated borehole system to provide the community with clean water. The Kindred Volunteer, Bright Aheto, took part in various activities, including hydrogeological studies, borehole drilling and construction, water quality analysis, and the provision and installation of a hand pump and related equipment.

After hours of labour, the project was fruitful, accessing underground water at approximately 80 metres depth, and a hand pump was installed to extract clean water for communities’ use.

The project’s success was made possible by the collaborative efforts of the Kindred Volunteer, the Vodafone Ghana Foundation, and the Gavikope community members, who contributed communal labour to clear the path leading to the project site and assisted in the hand pump installation.


The project’s impact on the community is profound. Gavikope and its adjoining communities now have access to clean, potable water for daily use, alleviating their struggle with water scarcity and pollution. The community expressed their utmost gratitude to the team and the foundation for providing them with clean drinking water.

The Gavikope borehole project is one of many projects undertaken by Vodafone Ghana Foundation staff volunteers to bring about positive change in the communities they serve. The Kindred initiative aims to give back to society by addressing the needs of underprivileged communities through volunteerism, donations, and community service.

The Vodafone Ghana Foundation Kindred Initiative has once again demonstrated its dedication to tackling community challenges and improving lives, an achievement well worth celebrating.

source: Theannouncergh.com