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Uber and TechConnect Africa spotlight how tech can promote economic equity in Africa


1 years ago
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To mark International Women’s Month, Women at Uber and Black at Uber teamed up with TechConnect to host an event on the role of technology and culture in promoting equity across the continent. 


According to Marjorie Saint-Lot, Head of Uber Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, the event is intended to be a reminder to all African women and girls of the potential they have to become global leaders and trailblazers in the world of tech and business, or indeed whatever path they choose to follow. 


“As a global organisation that prioritises inclusion and gender equity, Uber has long championed the cause of women around the world,” Saint-Lot points out, “not only because it is a moral imperative to create a more just and equitable society with opportunities for all, but also because promoting gender equality and women's empowerment, and putting more women in leadership positions, is proven to make for more innovative, successful and sustainable businesses.


Jeminatu Alabi-isama, Head of TechConnect Africa states that “It’s our mission to build a highly engaged, innovative and interconnected global community. We are proud to work with Uber on this initiative to uplift and empower women across Africa and transform communities.”


The event attracted African female business role models who shared their experiences and insights, including the lessons they have learned in their respective journeys. The panellists included Marjorie Saint-Lot, Vanessa Bannerman of Christie Brown, Adoma Owusu of Visa and Femi Asante of Group Sebastien. The conversation was moderated by Nanama Botchwey, the founder of N.Dowuona & Company.


At the event, Uber also announced the official launch of #GigSister, a women earner empowerment initiative in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. #GigSister is an influencer-led community group created to connect, empower and grow female drivers on the Uber platform across Africa. The initiative, which has already achieved success in parts of Europe and the UK, sees Uber teaming up with like-minded partners, including Google and L’Oreal, to uplift and empower women through mental health support, motivation and self-promotion, as well as self-defence training. 


From a women-driver safety perspective, Uber launched ‘Women Preferred’ in South Africa which allows women and non-binary drivers to choose to only pick up women riders. 


“We are excited about this opportunity to come together and celebrate the potential of women to be business leaders in Africa,” Saint-Lot says, “and in the process promoting gender equality, recognising the contributions of women in business creating a more level playing field for both genders in Africa and inspiring women and girls to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and career ambitions.”






source: Theannouncergh.com