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Choosing John Mahama is “scary” - Nii Noi Nortey cautions Ghanaians


Mr. Nii Noi Nortey

1 years ago
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Former Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) for Klotey Korley Constituency, Mr. Nii Noi Nortey has appealed to the youth to ignore the promises by former President John Dramani Mahama stressing he has nothing better to offer Ghanaians.


According to Mr. Nii Noi Nortey, choosing Mr. Mahama is not only scary but also empty.


“Any  time Mahama is talking you could see how desperate he is…He is soo desperate that he can even insult without thinking. He does not have a single solution to the country's problems. Mahama is just desperate to rule the country again, hence his penchant for making false claims of having all the answers to the country’s problems. Was it not under Mahama Ghana faced multiple problems like Dumsor collapsing numerous businesses, poor infrastructure and the likes.” 


Speaking at TESCON general meeting at Accra Technical University College, Mr. Nii Noi added; “We want to hear something new and different from John Mahama.  we want to hear him say he will do tertiary education free, we want to hear he will take care of our children right from birth to 18 years, we want to hear him say he will take full medical bill of our aged mothers and fathers...we want to hear something new and different ideas from him and not always trying to rubbished someones good initiatives.”


He asked Mr. Mahama and the NDC to mention a single social intervention they have made for Ghanaians.


“Why I’m I saying this, because anytime NPP is in power we come up with soo many social intertions namely, Female Maternal Care for our pregnant mothers, NHIS for free medical care, Free SHS and more.”


“The incompetence of Mr Mahama rather eroded the gains made by the erstwhile Kufuor government, thereby worsening the plight of the people. In the midst of the challenge, we are still constructing roads, building schools, paying nursing and teachers  allowance...”


Mr. Nii Noi also stated the need for all TESCON members to sacrifice and have an enduring heart to achieve victory for the NPP.


“With you all around I believe we will break the eight. The good people of Ghana will retain NPP government because of our good works. Put your energy and strength in this constituency and we will reward you because NPP reward hard work.


Get us the numbers get us the people and help us break the 8”, he said.


Chief Executive Officer of the Coastal Development Authority, Jerry Ahmed Shaib also advised the youth to ignore former President Mahama’s promises and champion President Akufo Addo’s works to every student on campus.


If you prefer the return of domso let’s welcome Mahama’s empty promises back. John Mahama is not the option.”


He also urged them to vote for Nii Noi Nortey when nomination is open.


“In 2024 lookout for those who are vibrant, those you see relationships in them, affable and reliable. We’re looking for candidate who will do the talk, who will give us power and snatch this seat from the NDC. Look out for the right candidate.


source: Theannouncergh.com