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Fred Kyei Mensah’s sermon: The exit of Nana Ama McBrown from United Showbiz on UTV to Onua Fm/Tv


Nana Ama McBrown

1 years ago
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Take your time and read na mo mp3 akenkan! Lol ?


In this short life of ours, it comes a time, our own shadow leaves us! Nana Ama Mcbrown leaving Utv under the Despite Media and going to Onua tv belonging to Media General, will not be the first and the last in the history of Media transfer. 


When you are decorated with a crown of glory, you become the eye of many. In this Media network space and other professions, a lot have exchanged places of work and have benefited immensely while others too, have had regrets.


The likes of journalist, Richard Quest, left BBC for CNN. He survived. The late Muhammed Ali, never worked with Don King alone throughout his life. President Kufuor, worked with the late JJ Rawlings as the Secretary for Local Government in the PNDC era. He also left and later became the President. 


As i wrote in my previous post about Nana Ama Mcbrown's exit from Utv, i reiterated that, i was not privy to any information as to why she left. In her interview with Johnnie Beresford Hughes  on 3fm today, she stated among other things that, she never had a contract with the Despite Media whether written or verbal. 


One thing i like about Despite Media is that, they hardly look at one's certificate before employment especially where creativity is involved unless some specific areas like office works are involved. Fadda Dickson and the management, have their unique style of managing their conglomerate. Some of us, survived our almost 15 years at the Despite Media as pundits on their media networks because of the benevolence, tenacity and the paying of attention to detail by Fadda Dickson. I just love ❤️ him. Such a generous personality. 


In the song of "we are the world" the composers comprising of Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones, have this lyrics at the beginning "There comes a time,when we heed a certain call ?...". Nana Ama Mcbrown, heeded to a certain call and she made a move and certain people can't take it. Why? The owners koraa, have not spoken and some are crying more than the bereaved. Boi!


Is it a case of some sycophantic moves to show that, they love the Despite Media more than others? If the river fish knew how to paddle a canoe, or had money to buy one, it wouldn't have been using its body to flap the waters. 

Some of those who were calling her names that she's been ungrateful after listening to her reasons of leaving today, what is your take? She said, she gave some options for the management of Utv to take and they were not forthcoming with their offers.


A child, who has been able to limp to circle a town, doesn't need to be helped to crawl! Nana Ama said, she is not bitter and so far, has not spoken NEGATIVELY about the Despite Media brand. I hope she doesn't dwell too much about her stints with the Despite Media in subsequent interactions she will have with the media. She's said enough. Kasa tenten, taints a succinct message.


To the Despite Media, be proud of a product that you "nurtured" to such heights. When i discovered and trained the likes of Jeff Quaye  Appietus, Bishop Mantey , Charles Robert Quaye  Samuel Sackey , Kanada and countless number of sound engineers and musicians who left to pursue their life somewhere, it didn't make them ungrateful to me.


Nana Ama Mcbrown, Onua waka kakra a ,it's okay to let Peace prevail Despite how Neat you looked yesterday on TV3 when you did a 360 degrees turn and also watching a playback of you on United Showbiz on Utv. 


It's all about you because, we think about you(Ye dwene wo ho). Discover new territories. Life is short and dynamic. 


Good beads don't rattle.

source: Fred Kyei Mensah