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Your level of sacrifice determines the level of your success – Rev. Harriet Adjei

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1 years ago
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Reverend Dr Harriet Adjei, the founder, and leader of the Impact Believers Church International has advised Christians to embrace the act of sacrifice. 


Delivering a sermon at her US-based church on Sunday, March 12, 2023, Dr Harriet Adjei underscored the importance of sacrifice to the growth of Christians. 


She drummed home the point that the greater commitment and sacrifice a Christian makes, the bigger the result. 


Dr Harriet Adjei noted that the sacrifice should not only be demonstrated in one’s spiritual dealings in life wholistically. 


She pressed home the argument that one is more likely to succeed if he or she is devoted and committed to the course being pursued. 


She cautioned against a lukewarm attitude in both the spiritual and physical world as she believes it’s a recipe for disaster. 


Using herself as reference for blessings emanating from sacrifice, generosity, and kind-heartedness, Reverend Dr. Adjei espoused that one's success is largely dependent on the amount of sacrifice he or she makes. 


“Sacrifice is not a normal offering or a one-day thing. If you want to step into the greater dimension of grace, your sacrifice must show for it. The sacrifice must be shown in every part of your life. It is why some of us can sacrifice our entire paycheck to God. 


“Anytime you sacrifice, God will sustain you and he doesn’t lie. I have tested, tasted, and witnessed God’s reward for sacrifices. We’ve come this far because of your prayers, your giving and your covenant with God. 


She cautioned Christians against the misinformation and indoctrination of non-believers who tend to downplay the role sacrifice plays in the upliftment of believers. 


“Don’t let any person fool you. One man said Science has turned into foolishness and that it wasn’t making sense to him anymore. He laid down his tools and became a Christian because he took out a woman’s womb and the woman had a baby. The woman had sacrificed a long time with or without womb she was going to have baby and the Lord indeed blessed her. 


<b>Brief information about Reverend Dr Harriet Adjei</b>


Reverend Dr Harriet N. Adjei is the founder and lead pastor of Impact Believers Church International located in New Jersey, Matawan. 


He is also the owner of Destiny Impact Worldwide, organizers of Destiny Shapers Women’s Conference and other leadership and youth conferences

source: Theannouncergh.com